Do I have to sign up for a course of classes?

The short answer is no – we’ve kept all our classes on a pay as you go come basis. At PURE Fitness we understand that whether you’re pregnant or postnatal, there are days when you just can’t seem to get dressed OR you’re both dressed and your little darling decides to ‘decorate’ everyone’s clothes ?!?! Other days, you’re just plain exhausted or fed up. Well that’s OK, in fact that’s just real life as a mum. So rest and come another day without worrying that you’ve paid and lost a session.

We have 2 classes we do ask for bookings for: Shape Up 4 U, a 6 week weight management program and Purely Core, our 4 week abs & core program. This is due to the fact that we teach and distribute material on different topics each week. We aren’t able to run that session again if you miss a class – however, you can still be given the material to read.

When can I start exercising after giving birth?

If you’ve had a regular vaginal birth, you should wait until you’ve had your 6 week doctors checkup and take their advice. If you’ve had a C section, you should ideally wait until 10 weeks, but again go with what your doctor suggests and also how you feel. If, during the class, you have any undue aches and pains, make sure you let the instructor know.

What should I wear to class?

You should wear comfortable exercise clothes and proper trainers that fit you and are appropriate for that particular exercise – except for Purely Core or Aqua where you don’t need trainers at all. And don’t worry – you don’t have to wear lycra, crop-tops or legwarmers! However, a well-fitting, supportive bra is a very good idea.

Remember to put on sunscreen if outside and bring water to keep hydrated. A towel is also very handy to wipe away the hard earned sweat and to lie down on.

How long can I keep attending the classes if I’m pregnant?

As long as you’re feeling well in yourself and have no complications, you can carry on indefinitely. If you are pregnant for the first time, you’ll most likely be attending our specialist Antenatal exercise class – Blooming Fit. This class is designed purely for our pregnant ladies and will be adapted each session depending on the ladies that attend and how far in the pregnancy they are, so it will always be relevant to you.

If you’re on your second pregnancy, you may be coming to one of the other classes. Again, as long as you feel well and healthy, you are more than welcome to continue coming. If there are any unsuitable exercises for you, depending on your current trimester, we will be able to give you alternatives to do. We give advice on lots of suitable variations to people for injuries as well so no one need know that you are pregnant until you are ready.

If you find that during the postnatal classes, some of the aerobics or faster conditioning sections start to feel uncomfortable, then you should consider changing over to the Blooming Fit or PURE Aqua class. Obviously you can change over to the antenatal class much earlier or give both a go to begin with and see how you feel.

Remember, it has been proven scientifically that exercising whilst pregnant is beneficial to both you and the baby during your pregnancy, giving birth and your recovery

Are there people to look after my baby for me?

All our classes are designed so that you can bring your baby with you and don’t have to leave them behind at home with childcare or in a nursery unless you’d rather do that but that does mean that You are responsible for them.

The only class there is any kind of supervision is Shape Up 4 U, where we have a baby helper to try and keep the little munchkins amused with toys, colouring, play and any snacks / milk you bring and wish them to have. The children are still your responsibility so if they are not happy, they may need a Mummy cuddle and am afraid that if they need a nappy change, it’s back to Mummy.

As we are all Mums or Mums to be, we are (or will need to be) used to the noise of the little ones, be it happy gurgling or crazy shouting, so please be prepared for the noise, one day it will be your Munchkin. We have probably heard and seen all that the little darlings , can throw at us -sometimes literally – bring on the chaos.

Do I need to be fit before joining the class?

Absolutely not, that’s what we’re there for – to help you either get your fitness back or start from scratch and find a new, healthy you. Everyone is at a different level of fitness and it is definitely not a competition. We always give alternatives for exercises that you may not be quite ready for i.e. having had a fairly recent birth or if you’ve had a previous injury. You’ll be asked at your first class to fill in an information form, so please remember to list any prior issues that could affect the exercises that are suitable for you during the class. The instructor needs to know these things.

What happens if my baby cries?

Don’t worry everyone’s baby will cry, toddlers will run around and shout, we’re all mothers or mothers to be, so it’s not an issue. You are totally free to stop at any time during the class to take them out of the buggy if in one, tend to them, feed them, change lovely nappies, have a cuddle – whatever you need to do, then just join back in when you’re ready.