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How To Best Utilize Your Pedometer

Fitness apps are great. In fact, in a previous article, we reviewed the best pedometers in the market right now. That notwithstanding, there’s a very big difference between you having all the latest tech, and getting the most out of it. The tech won’t do the heavy lifting for you. In this article, we supplement the pedometer review guide by sharing with you a few tips that will have you not only using your pedometer right but getting the most out of it. Keep on reading to find out more!

Set Goals

You’ve purchased a great piece of tech so ideally, you should lose weight, right? Wrong? Losing weight isn’t just about investing in the right equipment. Planning your fitness journey is extremely important. If you don’t have goals, then a pedometer will just be one more addition to your pile of useless tech. On the other hand though, by setting goals, you can properly utilize your pedometer. The numbers recorded on it will now become important indicators of progress or stagnation. You will begin to achieve results!

Start A Competition

There’s nothing wrong with going on your fitness journey alone. However, they say that if you want to walk far, walk with others! If you’re a competitive person, this tip is for you. Your pedometer can become a fun way to lose weight. How you ask? 

You could start a competition to see which one amongst your friends has gone the longest distance in a week. To spice things up, you can even have prizes and punishments for the loser! What this will do is spur you to lose weight without stress. You’ll find that physical activity will be more fun and better yet a chance to socialize!

Use It To Plan Your Routes 

Some pedometers have GPS capabilities and if yours does, then this tip is for you. The routes you use as you jog matter. Choose the wrong route and your jogging session will feel like a nightmare. That said, the only way to find your favorite routes is by trying as many as possible. To get such a pedometer,  you can read this complete buying guide:

That’s where the pedometer comes in. You may use your device to plan your best routes and save them. That way you’ll always be assured of a safe, and enjoyable jogging route!

Put Aside the Car 

Cars are great, but they are contributing to the global obesity problem. Now that you’ve bought a pedometer isn’t it common sense that you should walk or jog more. How can you achieve this when you drive everywhere (even for walking distances)?

To get the most out of your pedometer, ditch the car and walk! Use it as inspiration to go further. We realize that sometimes not getting late to work is important too but what about trips to the grocery store, or the dentist. Recalibrate your usual chores such that you’re walking more and driving less.

Wear it Right 

This is important. For a pedometer to be effective it must be worn right. So how do you put on a pedometer? Well, it depends on the make and model but here’s a general guide.

Firstly, you must ensure that you have your pedometer throughout the day (uninterrupted), for the records to be most accurate. Secondly, the pedometer will produce the best results when on your waist region (hip). Moreover, it must be snug against your body for the best results. When you purchase a pedometer, ensure that you test it beforehand to make sure it should be working as advertised.

Pair It With Your Phone

Both Android and Apple have myriads of fitness apps. These apps use the phone’s sensors to collect data, but phones are not perfectly suited for fitness. As such, don’t neglect to pair your pedometer with your phone’s fitness app. On this note, make sure that the brand you purchase is compatible with your phone’s fitness app.

Fitness apps consolidate, interpret and analyze data, giving you a general idea of how healthy you are. Some even go a step further to set goals for you. Hence when you pair your pedometer with your phone, you unlock an entire world of possibilities!

Challenge Yourself 

You won’t make progress if you don’t challenge yourself. Remember, as mentioned in the introduction a pedometer simply gives you raw data. What you do with that data will make all the difference.

To challenge yourself, begin by understanding your current capabilities. For the first two weeks simply live your life as you normally do. After the first couple of weeks, you may then decide to add a set number of steps each week or each day. When you do so, you’ll find that over time, you’ve become astronomically more active than you used to be. Best of all, your purchasing a pedometer will payout!