Pregnancy Fitness After The Birth

Pregnancy fitness after the birth of any baby is essential but unlike most Hollywood celebrities you probably can’t just hand your baby off to the nanny and high tail it down to the gym. Or take a dip in your luxury pool. No for most normal women it’s going to be a bit harder than that. You are probably half asleep most of the time unless your lucky enough to have a son or daughter than can sleep the clock round. If so you are very lucky but just wait until they are teething and see how things go.

After the past nine months of your body going through a wide range of changes, many of which probably at the time where pretty horrifying , now your newborn is here and its time to lose the excess weight you have most likely gained. What I’m kidding right all you want to do when you aren’t feeding or changing is crawl up under the duvet and sleep. Well I don’t blame you I know that’s exactly how I felt those first few weeks and if you had a C section you’ll be feeling even worse and very sore.

But assuming you can drag your tired ass up you really want to start doing some light exercise it’s really knowhere near as bad as you might imagine and if you start now before you know it you’ll be back to your pre baby weight in a few months. Yes I did say months but if you have the energy you could probably crack it sooner.

Now the first question all young moms ask is when should I start exercising again (actually it not the most common one is “when will my baby let me sleep”) but the good news is sooner you start sooner you’ll be back to feeling good again and looking pretty hot as well. Now if you ownly started reading this after the baby and you let things slide before hand you are going to kick yourself the eaisiest way to lose weight was not to gain to much in the first place. How did you eat when you were pregnant and how much exercise did you do. If the answers were badly and what’s exercise it’s time to face an uphill struggle. If your answers were more positive well done you’ll soon be on easy street.

Now if your like me  you’ll have wondered how celebrity moms lose their baby weight so rapidly? Well a friend of mine works with one or two of them and he told me that they exercise daily prior to and during their pregnancy most have a personal trainer who not only motivates them but shows them the best exercise techniques for maximum effect. It’s certainly not unheard of for pregnant celebrities to have lost huge amounts of baby weight and be in stunning shape in just a few weeks. But of course they are the exception not the rule and we only get to see them afterwards not during the period of weight loss so it appears more dramatic than it might actually be.These women generally are dedicated to keeping their body after all for many it’s their livelyhood. They take great care with the types of foods they eat. On top of which they can afford personal trainers and nannies so that they can perform their exercise routines 5-7 days a week for many hours at a time to get back in shape.

Enough of that fantasy land…

Most real  new moms have a lifestyle which is far removed from their Hollywood counterparts they have  regular everyday things they have to do as well as carrying for the new baby. These might be holding down a job , cooking family meals, and everything else that is required of a typical family mom. For them the losing weight after having a baby isn’t a priority and certainly isn’t half as easy. With luck you managed a bit of exercise and kept in reasonable shape while you were pregnant if you did just carry on doing more of the same. If you haven’t then girl friend you better get going other wise you are going to find it a hell of job to shift that fat and it will still be there next year.

Good exercises to burn of the pounds and get in shape are walking, running, aerobics, yoga and even dances like Salsa and Zumba. My advice is if there isn’t already an exercise group at your mother and baby group get some friends together and organize one. Then set up days where you all do step aerobics or Zumba or go for swim or a cycle ride. When you are in group of girls it will be far more fun and you’ll all have a common goal making it easier on you all. Find exercise you enjoy and can have fun with when you are totally exhausted you’ll be more motivated if exercise is fun and with friends doing the same thing you’ll be able to encourage each other when you start to flag.

Don’t push it too hard too quickly…

Having a new baby can be an exhausting task and the simple act of exercising regularly will undoubtedly increase your energy and stamina when you need it most. Most doctors will say that it is safe to start a post-pregnancy exercise routine six weeks after the birth of your child. Walking and swimming can be started shortly after your baby is born if you do so in moderate amounts at a slow pace. Work up slowly to the more strenuous exercises to ensure your safety and reduce the risks of any complications that could arise from over-exerting yourself before your body has had adequate time to recover.