All PURE Classes

I have lost a lot of weight for me and I can now fit into everything in my closet! Even my skinny jeans i wore yesterday! Thanks to you!

Beth Percy, American, daughters Abigail and Natalie

Pure Fitness classes are a great way to start down the road to physical fitness and you get to bring kiddies along so no excuses!!! The Pure Fitness girls’ enthusiasm is contagious and their encouragement and support have kept me going in classes all the way through my second pregnancy. The classes come in all shapes & sizes, just like us Mums and they are a great way to meet other Mums and kids, we all have the same goal, ‘lose that baby weight and get back in shape’!


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Pure Fitness Ladies especially Catherine who handed me a pamphlet on the side of the road telling me about BuggEfit and Jo for making me work so hard – As of this week I have lost a total of 9 kgs since starting BuggEfit which gave me the motivation and determination to start jogging. I have lost 20 kilos since giving birth to Heath and Connor and this 9 kg was the last of my baby weight plus my Dubai stone that I put on when we arrived. Thanks again

Kate, Australian, 31, Twins Heath and Conor 4 months old.


I love the fact that we can all get out and do some exercise and chat at the same time. My little one thinks its hysterical when we start squatting!

Sarah, British, Lakes

I started BuggEfit when my baby was 5 weeks old and it was fantastic – I felt I had so much more energy and I began to tone up really quickly. I couldn’t even walk at first but it was amazing how that changed and in a matter of weeks I was running again! More importantly though I met some really lovely people! Love it……..

Rebecca, British, 36, son Winston 9 months

Shape Up 4 U

‘The Shape Up for U classes have been brilliant, allowing me to exercise with my daughters present, who can happily run around and play with other children. The group is a supportive and motivating environment which has been a key factor in helping me get fitter than before I had children. Our instructor, Elaine, varies the style of exercise, keeping us on our toes! I have lost 15kgs in the last 8 months! I would whole heartedly recommend this group.’

Irene Chenowyth, British, mum to Frankie & Tilly

I thoroughly enjoy being part of the Purefitness Group – I joined the shape-up classes at the end of 2009 and have been dedicated to going twice a week since. I love the fact that my children can come along and my daughter loves to join in with the exercise too. I have made some great friends through the class and have had playdates and gone out with the class. It certainly made settling into Dubai a lot easier and I have seen a dramatic difference in my fitness as well as my body image. The class definitely works and I would, and have recommended it to friends! Thanks Ladies, you’re doing a great job!

Lisa Bruce, Scottish Mummy of Ellie (3) and Matthew (20 mths)

I just want to say thanks for all the help and support you have given me over the months. I really appreciate it – I found the classes educational, and I have actually really enjoyed the exercise and I definitely intend to keep it up.

Suzanne Kelly, Irish, Caoimhe, 4 months

Hi Catherine, just wanted to say again a big Thank you for the Shape Up course and all your advice! You are so inspiring and I just hope I can keep it up over my 6 weeks in South Africa! Please keep me on the list for your next Shape Up course and core classes, hoping you have some more sessions when I get back mid May!! Till then, take care! Niki 🙂

Nicola Wicks, South African,


“Zumba Mumba is a fantastic class, where else can you have so much fun and take the little one along? The workout is great fun, to great music and best of all, you get a fabulous workout without even realising it, it’s the most fun i have ever had exercising!! “

Claire Evans, Age 33, British, Son Peter age 4, daughter Sophie age 20 months.