Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

Every one tells you from your mom to your big sister that it is important to do all you can to have a healthy pregnancy if you have underlying health issues then you will need to work out stuff with your medical advisers but for most healthy women a lot of staying healthy is about doing what you should have been doing before you got pregnant. If you were abusing your body out drinking and partying every night chances are you going to have to make some serious changes but for a lot of women it just means greater attention to what you eat and what you do to keep healthy.

Firstly once you know you are pregnant its a trip to see your obstetrician and or gynecologist (OBGYN). Quite often if you are having your first baby you’ll want to ask friends or family for advice on a godo OBGYN as they will need to be with you and work with you through out the pregnancy. Most working women can tell you who they recommend but it’s ultimately your choice so if necessary interview a few so you find a good fit.

On your first visit to your obstetrician you’ll find they will do an ultrasound to see how your pregnancy is developing and how pregnant your are. Usually doctors like to try and work out the due date at this stage which will also give you some idea of the date of conception. If this is an issue you might want to make this first visit with a girl friend or your mom as on occasions this can be bad news and they will be there to support you.

Once you have been told you are pregnant your nursing team will usually discuss changes you will need to make to your life style. Obviously if you smoke you should quite and ideally stop consumption of any alcohol. Cigarette smoking can lead to the baby being malformed, low birth weight and in some cases can increase the risk of miscarriage.You may find that most Nicotine withdrawal systems are not suitable when you are pregnant so seek advice from your doctors. If you were a heavy drinker there is a risk of feotal alcohol syndrome in your baby this is bad news as the baby can be seriously handicapped in some cases. For this reason alone you should quit drinking immediately. There are cases of mothers who were just occasional drinkers during their pregnancy who’s babies had this problem so don’t put your baby at risk.

It goes without saying if you are a recreational drug user you should stop immediately as this can lead to serious harm to your baby. If you are are a drug addict make sure your your doctors are aware as they will be able to provide the best advice and the likelihood of problems with your pregnancy.

Another possibly less drastic but equally important part of changing your lifestyle is your diet during pregnancy. Make sure to drink plenty of water – about 6 to 8 glasses a day if you usually drink this much water it won’t hurt to add a few extra glasses. It is not healthy to be overweight or underweight during a pregnancy but do remember that you shouldn’t diet during pregnancy that is extremely dangerous to both you and baby.Generally speaking pregnancy is not a time to be worrying about your weight unless you are very overweight or diabetic where you should seek advice as to best practice. Don’t be tempted to skip meals as you and your baby need as much nutrition and some extra calories, do not believe the stories that you should eat twice as much you should eat sensibly and adequately for your own and babies needs not binge. Stick to healthy food and you’ll be fine. The occasional junk food treat is fine to purge those crazy pregnancy cravings but try not to go overboard as to much fatty food will be bad for you and hard to shift after the pregnancy.

If you are worried about weight gain during pregnancy, a great option to dieting is light exercise. You may not have loved it before your pregnancy, but learn to love it now as it will definitely pay off in the long run by keeping your baby healthy and your body fit. Light exercises will not harm your pregnancy so try swimming, yoga and walking there are many great classes for pregnant women and you can have a natter as well with women going through what you are.

An additional healthy pregnancy tip that those with busy schedules especially career women tend to forget is the importance of regular sleep and rest. Make sure to get plenty of rest so that you and your baby growing in your womb can recuperate and to ensure that your immune system is boosted and as effective as possible. It is advised that you rest on your side to reduce swelling and generate the best circulation to your baby. You’ll find in the later stages of pregnancy you won’t be able to lay on your tummy and you might find yourself a little breathless sleeping on your back.

So in conclusion and to ensure a healthy pregnancy avoid damaging substances such as nicotine and alcohol and drugs, don’t diet during pregnancy, drink plenty of water and keep well hydrated, practice as much exercise as safely possible, and get more sleep than usual especially if your lifestyle is rather hectic normally. Stick to these pregnancy tips and you’ll be well of track to a a healthy pregnancy and having a happy and fit baby boy or girl.