Why Exercise

Why is Exercise Important to me as a Mum

Whether you are a mum or a mum-to-be, the benefits of exercising as part of your lifestyle are magnifold. Not only are you helping your body progress through this momentous time as healthy and positively as possible, you are encouraging an active, fit life pattern which will become the cornerstone to your family lifestyle. What the mother does, the family follows.

In the past there was a lot of confusion and hesitancy about exercising while being pregnant – or indeed while having a 6 month old baby!. However, due to increasing scientific information on the safety and benefits of maternal exercise, doctors – armed with this updated proven information, are now quite happy to give healthily pregnant patients the ‘green light’ to exercise. Thus many women now recognise the positive influences an active lifestyle can have on the maternal body. In fact cross-sectional surveys have reported that approximately 42% of pregnant women engage in regular activity (Zhang & Savitz, 1996) which is 4% higher than is reported for non-pregnant women of child-bearing age.

As many of the original ‘ideas’ or misconceptions about maternal exercising have become very outdated and celebrity endorsement of ante- and post-natal exercising has caused a lot of reconsideration about these unsubstantiated old wives tales. Models like Heidi Klum getting back onto the catwalk after 6 weeks, or photos of Gwen Stefani balancing a little tot on her lean, toned hip means women are discovering mumpower!

This social development led The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) revised their guidelines in 1994 and again in 2001. It is these guidelines which have set the cornerstone for all further research and thus revolutionised modern woman’s quality of lifestyle and enjoyment of their family.

At PURE Fitness, all our classes and instructors are fully qualified and up to date with the all research relating to us and we endeavour to be as progressive and educated as humanly possible in this area. Our exercise programme and products are designed to be as interesting and effective as possible while being completely empathetic to the challenges faced by new parents. Every class on the PURE schedule is ‘baby-friendly’ so you can bring your little one along to witness wide-eyed (or sleepy-eyed) your exercise example – in fact, our ShapeUp4U classes actually provide baby-minders. So you can stay close to your little one as he or she interacts with other babies, breastfeed whenever you like, change a nappy…whatever is most comfortable for you.

Bringing a baby into the world is a truly life-changing experience and whatever stage of the experience you are at, everyone at PURE Fitness is there to help you get over the bumps and really get the most out of it. Celebrity mother endorsement of A healthy, fit body strengthens a tired mind (!) and you can do that with a lot of laughter on that learning curves.

With a wealth of baby-friendly fitness options from outside classes, personal training, inside classes, massage, nutrition advice and weight management – you can meet lots of new friends, get a great body, rediscover your energy and help develop the little one’s social experiences.